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When children get sick, they often need the care of their parents for cure and comfort. On the other hand, if parents get sick, their children often cannot fully take over the responsibilities at home.

Whether you need a nanny to look after your child at home on a regular basis or need an immediate companion for your kid while you are out for a few hours, DAILY BASIC Home Care Agency LLC provides nanny services to address your necessities. When you request for a nanny, we always take note of your needs, preferences, and personalities to ensure the caregiver we send to your home is the perfect match for you and your child.

The safety of our clients is of utmost concern so we see to it that all of our nannies are fully screened. We screen them thoroughly, checking their backgrounds, their references, and their employment histories, among others. Our nannies are also licensed and certified, especially with CPR and First Aid. They will team up with you or your family in facilitating activities and routines that your child can engage in, making sure that he or she is safe and sound under our care.

If you’d like to know more about how our nanny services can benefit you, please contact 202-910-9482.

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